Shadowland - Meg Cabot I enjoyed this book. Enough so that I'm going to add the rest of the series to my wishlist too. :) It was a quick, cute read... Meg obviously writing in the teen and young adult genre since she writes the Princess Diary books too. (I've never read the books though I like the 2 movies I saw.)

I was glad to see Meg's self esteem pick up a bit later in the book, since in the beginning she always seemed to think herself not worthy of having many friends. However, I believe a person's worth to others is only as strong as that which they see in themselves, so a negative self impression is more hurtful to a girl's popularity than anything else.

This book also made me realize that the books I like best always have a strong female (or male) lead; I found myself not liking Suze that much at the beginning of the book, but began to admire her more as she became more sure of herself.