Sex and the Single Vampire

Sex and the Single Vampire - Katie MacAlister I must agree with a previous reader who told me this book was better than A Girl's Guide to Vampires, the first book in this series. Though A Girl's Guide was okay, Sex and the Single Vampire was great. After reading A Girl's Guide, I could've went either way as to whether I wanted to read this author again, but now, after reading Sex and the Single Vampire, I'm looking forward to the next tale in this series. (I hope there is one though I really don't know for sure.)

In this book, in addition to vampires, we also encounter ghosts, demons, Summoners, triumvirates, and other workers of magick. Joy and Roxy are no longer the main characters in this book, though they still play a bit more than a minor role. So though their annoying bickering and cutting each other down continued in this book, it was certainly more bearable. The main characters are Allie, a Summoner (of ghosts) and Christian, a Morovian Dark One, very similar to a vampire, who was also in the first book. There was a lot more going on in the book besides a simple love story. And though this book is indeed considered a paranormal romance, the danger and intrigue inherent in the rest of the story made me forget I was even reading a romance most of the time.