Incubus Dreams

Incubus Dreams - Laurell K. Hamilton I hedged between 7 and 8 for this particular book but finally settled on 7 since I don't feel it measures up to LKH's past work. Though others have claimed it's awful, I just like LKH's writing style way too much to give this book anything less than a 7.

That said, there was very little substance to the story beyond the Ardeur. I'm not saying that that was the only story line, but it was the primary one, and it took up at least 75% of the book, which is a quite hefty 658 pages to begin with. Many people were turned off by all the sex in this book... that in itself didn't bother me, heck I love steamy sex scenes, but again I felt that it was too much!

Overall, I wouldn't have minded the book being a few hundred pages shorter, and the various story lines and subplots brought more into balance. Granted, the Ardeur and it's effects on Anita's life significantly impact her, but it definitely took up too much of this book at the expense of the other things that were going on.

Anita herself crosses a few more personal boundary lines she hadn't thought she'd ever cross, and has a few more introspective revelations about herself. And there is a sadistic killer on the loose, with female strippers as the target vic. Ronnie and Louie have some personal issues come up. Nathaniel becomes a more prominent character, and is growing into a more independent and stronger person as well. I really like him so I was happy to see a bigger focus on him in this book.

I could never find LKH's writing boring though... even now I'm hedging toward switching my rating on this back towards an 8. Heck, I give it a 7 1/2 then! :) And yes, I'll continue to buy future Anita books... especially since in this book, Anita seems to finally be getting a handle on the Ardeur, and a bit more control over it.