Infinity Bell: A House Immortal Novel (Book 2) by Devon Monk

Infinity Bell: A House Immortal Novel - Devon Monk

LOVED IT!  This second book of the House Immortal trilogy was just as awesome as the first.  Infinity Bell picks up right where House Immortal, the first book, left off.  And like the first, it too ends on a cliffhanger (aaargh!), leaving the reader eagerly panting for the third and final book in the series, due September 2015, to wrap everything up.

Matilda Case and her brother Quinten return to their family farm, with a plan to fix time and save the the world.  Quinten believes he can travel back in time to change the events that caused the break in the first place.  But can such a thing really be done when one doesn't possess a little blue police box? ;)  Besides, we all know that changing history can have unexpectedly drastic and dramatic consequences, right?  

Caught in a race against time, and willing to do whatever necessary to save the lives of those she loves, Matilda jumps right into the heart of the matter, quite literally.  With Slater Orange still on her tail, time is ticking away as Matilda struggles to set things right while trying to avoid a raving lunatic hell bent on taking everyone down with him.  Can she do it?  And if so, what will the world be like upon her return?

The same cast of characters from the first book, plus an interesting new addition, are back in this one and they're just as fun, strong, and exciting this time around, perhaps even more so.  As the main character, Matilda is fiercely loyal, brave, and headstrong... but also kind and caring.  I was completely enthralled by her and her plight.  And we get to know Quinten much more in this book than we did in the first, since he was in captivity then, and he's just as brilliant as previously described... not to mention loyal and headstrong just like his sister.  And Abraham... oh what can I say about Abraham except hot hot hot!  The burgeoning relationship between him and Matilda is bittersweet, and I look forward to seeing how things progress between the two of them.

Heart pounding non-stop action from beginning to end, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat.  And beyond... as I often found myself walking into walls, bunny gates, etc. because I simply couldn't put it down. :)

Science fiction and urban fantasy fans who enjoy unique world building, riveting action, and great writing, should definitely check this one out.  I do recommend reading them in order though, so House Immortal first, followed by Infinity Bell, and then pre-order Crucible Zero so it'll be waiting for you on release day.  Enjoy!!

Thanks to Penguin Group and NetGalley for providing me a copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review.